Nightly News   |  January 07, 2013

Hillary Clinton welcomed back to work

One month after she took ill, Secretary of State Hillary Clinton returned to her busy schedule, and will prepare to testify on the Benghazi terror attack that killed four Americans. NBC’s Andrea Mitchell reports.

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>>> and across town from the white house at the state department today, as we said, we got our first official look at the secretary of state, hillary clinton , since she emerged from the hospital. it came in the form of some still photos of her first day back at work, a view of her carefully managed by her team after a tough couple weeks. our chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell has it all from our d.c. newsroom tonight. andrea, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, brian. after a month out of office recovering from a stomach virus, a fall, a concussion and a treatment for a blood clot in the head, hillary clinton returned to the state department today but still has not been seen in public. one month after she suddenly took ill, hillary clinton was back at work. leading a senior staff meeting and seen only in still photos taken by the state department . but clearly enjoying a prank gift. noting that life in washington is often a contact sport, her deputies gave her a heavily padded football helmet with the state department seal to protect her from future falls. and a matching jersey, showing how many countries she has traveled to as secretary of state.

>> she loved it. she thought it was cool. but then being hillary clinton , she wanted to get right to business.

>> reporter: but as clinton wraps up four years as america's most traveled diplomat, the wild card for her team is still benghazi. republicans want her to testify about what she knew and when about terror attack that killed four americans, including u.s. ambassador , chris stevens .

>> absolutely essential that she testify. i want to know from the secretary of state's point of view, were you informed of the security situation, were all these cables coming out of benghazi, did they ever get up to your level? if they didn't, that's a problem. if they did, why didn't you act differently?

>> reporter: but the senate isn't back until the inaugural, the third week in january.

>> let me just say that she will testify, she will testify while she is still sitting secretary of state.

>> reporter: that could delay john kerry 's confirmation to be secretary of state. although he is already spending time at the state department and talks with clinton every day. now that she's back, will clinton 's health scare slow her down?

>> slowing down for hillary clinton is not like slowing down for normal people. it is stopping a crazy-killer schedule, and perhaps just going to what for normal people would be a very, very full schedule.

>> reporter: and those who know hillary clinton best think that this illness and, of course, the blood clot won't stop her if she decides to run again for president. of course, after a suitable rest. brian?

>> andrea mitchell in our d.c. newsroom with that story. andrea, thanks.