Nightly News   |  January 07, 2013

News you missed over the holidays

A look back at the some of the events that captured our attention as we transitioned from 2012 into 2013. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> finally tonight, some people were lucky enough to sneak off with the family for the holidays. others were home, and just busy with family, with the new year. and as a result, we figured a lot of what's going on lately could use some catching up on, beginning with some arresting pictures taken while on the job. the video that lit up the web of late comes to us thanks to a tiny camera on the helmet of a firefighter in suburban detroit. he put it together to show a year in the life of a firefighter, in a place with a lot of vacant houses a lot of them burn. on a much gentler note, how about a ride on a trombone. david plays second trombone for the new york phil harmonic, but may be the first of his kind to take music lovers on this kind of ride. rock music lovers got a blast from the past this week when these color sides surfaced, dating back to the beatles' first u.s. visit in '64. they were still very young men during a very different time for us all. in our modern world , michael cronien was one of those guys who named the things we use. he named the tivo and he named the kindle. based in san francisco , he was an artist by training and found success in catchy graphics and marketing. michael kronen was 61. another galloping sign of our times, there is new analysis out of u.s. college students and they sure have a high opinion of themselves. one in four is believed to be a full-on narcissist. the american freshman survey reports a dramatic rise in the number of students who place themselves as above average in academics, drive, ability and, best of all, self-confidence. there's sports in the news, beginning in washington, where their quarterback is injured, he's known as rg3. it's his knee. he was playing hurt late in the game, and they lost, and the redskins are huge in a town where the alternative is watching congress. then there's tonight's college football game, the crimson tide versus the fighting irish for the national championship . alabama's looking for its third title in four years. notre dame is hungrier. our own anne thompson is at the game, but as a noter game grad herself and a board member , she is totally in the tank for the irish, and on just this topic, has no impartiality. finally, the image that deserves a second look. the kids from newtown, the surviving kids from sandy hook elementary, on the bus, headed to the first day at their new school. this photo captures them just being kids, which after so much tragedy, fills us with so much hope. and so let's end on that hopeful note as this new year gets under way for all of us. and please allow me to thank my friends for sitting in for me here while i was one of those off with my family. and it's good to be back here