Nightly News   |  January 26, 2013

Midwest forecast: Ice before thaw

The Weather Channel’s Julie Martin says a wintry mix is forecast to move into northern Iowa and to Ohio, posting a threat for travel in major Midwestern cities.

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>>> let's find out a little about the new storm. we turn to the weather channel 's julie martin to find out what's ahead. good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, lester. the deep freeze is almost over but before that warm up we're looking at ice in many big cities from the midwest to the northeast. taking a look here at sunday still feeling the chill from coast to coast with the coldest air in the midwest and the northeast. the highs in chicago and new york just 19 degrees. but by sunday afternoon, that's when the wintry mix will be moving in to northern iowa , to ohio, posing a real threat for travel in those highly populated areas like chicago, detroit, and cleveland. all of that pushing east and by the monday morning commute a real mess in the mid-atlantic, d.c., baltimore, philly all needing to watch out for ice. new york, it'll be a mix of snow and rain for you. snow in boston as well. then by tuesday, the warm air invades all of the cold places but with that will come a chance for severe weather in the south. but no time to get too used to the warmth. by late week we are forecasting another arctic blast . lester?