Nightly News   |  January 30, 2013

Israeli warplanes strike inside Syria

Israeli forces conducted an airstrike on a convoy  the Syrian-Lebanese border Wednesday. NBC’s Richard Engel joins Brian Williams with his analysis.

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>>> one of the biggest challenges that will immediately confront secretary of state kerry at the state department is the crisis in syria , where there's been a major development today. an israeli air strike inside syria near damascus. richard engel , our chief foreign correspondent, here with us in the studio tonight. what's the significance of israel reaching in and popping a target like that.

>> it's quite circusignature. what we've been able to can remember, an israeli air strike took place and attacked a convoy, probably stationary, just north of damascus. it was packed with fairly sophisticated russian anti aircraft missiles. and that those missiles were on their way to lebanon. they were going to be handed over to hezbollah . hezbollah is very powerful in lebanon, israel 's sworn enemy. israel did not want hezbollah to have these weapons. what does it mean? hezbollah and israel could be heading up for another round. it also means israel is willing to reach inside syria and stop weapons from leaking out, maybe even chemical weapons .

>> an escalation in a dangerous neighborhood. richard engel , thank you, as always.