Nightly News   |  February 01, 2013

Grand Central turns 100

Friday marks the 100th anniversary of New York’s Grand Central Terminal. The man who has watched over the place for 40 years gives us a guided tour.

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>>> another new york city icon celebrated its 100th anniversary today. grand central terminal opened on this day back in 1913 . 45 track platforms, 700,000 people passing through every day. it's one of the nation's most beautiful and functional landmarks. and to mark the occasion, tonight we get a guided tour from a guy who has watched over the place for 40 years. here is the station master , harry kelly , in his own words.

>> this is my office. it's exciting to be here.

>> i'm the superintendent of building services of gct, grand central terminal .

>> the way people barge in and out, you would think it was grand central station .

>> a lot of people say "station." terminal, it's a terminal, because trains start and finish here.

>> we go back since 1974 . i'm always walking. visibility is a big thing. i can't sit still. the tennis court , it is a secret in a way. a lot of people don't realize it's here. the ceiling was very dirty. there's one spot that was left intact on top of track 30, shows you how dirty the ceiling actually was. this is the elevator that will take you to the furthest floor below grand central . power department, generators and stuff like that.

>> everything is automatic now. time moves on. what are you going to do?

>> the 454 train going to north white plains , the train departs from track number 102a on the lower level.

>> 51:15 from new haven is running late. 98% on time now. it's too dull sometimes when -- because we're so good. the gallery. a lot of people stop there. one person would stand face-in, the other person would stand over here and they would just whisper and you can actually have a conversation. here it comes. hey, my man. frankie the cap. how is it going, buddy? welcome back from vacation.

>> thank you.

>> i feel like i'm the mayor. you have seen me interact with all of the departments. i know everybody, i know their business, i know all about them. to me it's not the grand central , the grand terminal or whatever, you know. it's nice-looking, it's beautiful. it's my hangout. my home away from home.

>> another true new yorker for you. grand central station master, harry kelly , in his own words for us tonight.