Nightly News   |  February 02, 2013

US focuses on Turkey bombing, clashes in Egypt

The man suspected of bombing the U.S. embassy in Turkey has been described as a well-known militant from a far-left group. Meanwhile, clashes outside the presidential palace in Egypt indicate President Morsi may be losing control. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> also in turkey tonight new details are emerging about the suicide bomber who attacked the u.s. embassy in ankora killing a turkish security guard and himself. nbc's chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in ankora with that and developing news out of egypt tonight as well.

>> reporter: we are learning from turkish officials the bomber was a well known militant from a far left group and he served more than four years in a turkish prison, was involved in a hunger strike , and was eventually released from jail for medical reasons. he left the country and then returned from greece on a fake passport , but turkish officials don't know how long he's been in the country. they think he's been in ankora for ten days. this isn't the only situation u.s. officials are concerned about in the region. there is also egypt . u.s. officials are worried that ongoing clashes in egypt , including ones in front of the presidential palace , could be a signal that the egyptian government , led by president morsi of the muslim brotherhood is losing control of the streets of egypt , which would be a major problem for not only egypt but also the united states especially if the egyptian government were to collapse.

>> richard engel in ankora tonight, thank you.