Nightly News   |  February 03, 2013

Obama begins national tour for gun control

President Obama will meet with law enforcement leaders in Minneapolis on Monday, where a gunman killed five people in a workplace shooting last September. NBC’s Peter Alexander reports.

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>>> and playing out on several fronts, peter alexander that more from the white house . good evening.

>> reporter: left. good evening to you. this weekend when the white house wree leased that photo showing the president firing a shotgun at camp david , is re-ignited a debate over guns. all sides weighed in. a person push for new gun restrictions the president sits down buy law leaders in minneapolis are where a gunman killed five last september. a state where nearly one in ten people hall a firearms hunting license . among those pressuring lawmakers for change, a gun control group founded by michael bloomberg .

>> the nra once supported background checks .

>> reporter: with his ad airing today during the super bowl , featuring lapierre cts we think it's reasonable toll provide mandatory criminal background checks for every sale at any gun show . no loopholes anywhere or for anyone.

>> reporter: while polling show most nra members support universal background checks this morning lapierre argued against them claiming the checks on all gun sales to be universal of gun owners .

>> it's going to be law-air biding people caught up in a bureaucratic nightmare, and there's going to be abuse in terms of prosecutions, and it's all going to affect only the law-abiding people. the criminals could care less.

>> too many children --

>> reporter: gabby giffords husband mark kelly argued for tougher rules and stricter enfornesment of the current system that has prevented purchases since 1999 .

>> prosecuted and stiff penalties.

>> reporter: meanwhile, the white house 's release of this photo sat showing the president shooting clay pigeons at camp david last summer hasn't quieted critics.

>> that picture makes him look like he's pandering.

>> reporter: ronon a separate coppoco topic, of the president weighed in, boy scouts , they should insist no one should be barred from what he described as great institution.

>> peter, thank you.