Nightly News   |  February 03, 2013

Syria’s neighbors worry fighting will spill over

Syria was the focus of an international security conference in Munich on Sunday where Israeli defense minister Ehud Barak strongly suggested Israel was behind the airstrike near Damascus last week. NBC’s Richard Engel reports.

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>>> turning overseas to the crisis in syria . its neighbor harrell a lot at stake not only in the civil war that drags on but in syria 's support of militant groups that threaten israel . this past week israel apparently sent its warplanes across the border to conduct an air strike against damascus. that was confirmed today and nbc's foreign correspondent richard engel has more from istanbul.

>> reporter: as syrians fight over which kind of islam will ultimately govern that country, long fears that the fighting could spill into neighboring country. now it seems the violence left unchecked could escalate well beyond that. today syria was the focus of an international security conference in mun ich. there israel 's dwez minister said it was israel that launched a describing last week.

>> when we say something, we mean it. we say that -- we don't think should be allows the to bring systems into lebanon.

>> reporter: israel attacked a convoy carrying sophisticated anti-aircraft missiles that were bound for hezbollah in lebano . hezbollah -- israel does not want hezbollah to have she's missiles which could shoot down fighter jets . but the syrian government which backs and facilitates weapons released pictures of what it says was the target. a research facility and president bashar al says they are both committed to standing up to zionist aggression and foreign plots. he's deep find, but syria is slowly imploding, and weapons are flowing in and out. the middle east hasn't been this unstable, analysts say, in years. the egyptian government is losing control. jordan is at risk. israel is carrying out strikes inside syria . iran is making threats. this could all unravel quickly. the war in syria isn't just about the syrians anymore. lester?

>> richard engel , thanks.