Nightly News   |  February 03, 2013

NYC mom found dead in Turkey

Sarai Sierra, an amateur photographer, took her first trip abroad to Turkey – alone. She was found dead in Istanbul’s historic district. NBC’s Michelle Franzen reports.

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>>> new details emerging tonight in the story of sir reye sarai sierra , a mother of two found murdered in istanbul, turkey this weekend.

>> reporter: one day after the body of sarai sierra was found in istanbul's old city, the police chief confirmed the american tourist was murdered. the evidence clear, he says. sierra was killed by a blow to her head. police say they detained at least nine people for questioning including a man sierra may have commune care of theed with online while in turkey. the 33-year-old mother of two and amateur photographer traveled alone to turk any january after a girlfriend cancelled at the last minute. sierra 's family said this was her first trip abroad. neighbors back home are stuned by her death.

>> just praying and praying that this would have a happy outcome.

>> reporter: authorities are working to retrace her sterps and release this video showing sierra walking alone. video from the istanbul airport shows her going through security before taking a side trip to amsterdam. he family says she posted photos on instagram and her husband said she was in regular contact with him. he alerted security.

>> they stated she never boarded the flight and never arrived at the airport in turkey.

>> reporter: her husband and his brother flew to turkey to help in the search. the state department is working closely with turkish government officials to help solve the mystery surrounding sierra 's