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Nightly News   |  February 04, 2013

Richard III found … in a parking lot

The bones of Richard III, who reigned for two years, have been discovered in Leicester, England, and they indicate that his spine was twisted by scoliosis and that he received eight head wounds in battle. NBC’s Stephanie Gosk reports.

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>>> of all the kings of england , richard iii has one of the worst reputations, at least as shakespeare imagined him, a murder rouse maniac who would do anything to secure his place on the throne. he died in battle more than 500 years ago but now his remains have been positively identified, found, if you can believe it, buried under a parking lot in lester, about 100 miles north of london. the story from nbc's stephanie gosk.

>> reporter: the unearthing of lost kings does not happen every day. not even in england.

>> richard iii , the last monarch of england, has been found.

>> reporter: richard iii was dug up in an unlikely place. a parking lot in lester. an ig noble and for the 15th century noble man, but the bones don't lie. the right age, the spine twisted by the scoliosis the king suffered and with eight head wounds from the battlefield. the dna links to very distant relatives of richard iii . the king who reigned for only two years but who was so cruel, shakespeare couldn't resist creating his own version.

>> now he's the winter of our discontent .

>> reporter: played by some great actors.

>> my kingdom for a horse!

>> reporter: in the play, richard iii kills his two nephews, and anyone else who gets in the way of the throne.

>> if not to heaven, then hand-in-hand to hell.

>> reporter: kevin space's richard iii drew packed crowds. a pretty murderous, brutal guy.

>> completely. and obviously a very colorful character for william shakespeare to write about in dramatic form.

>> reporter: but historians suspect shakespeare 's richard iii may not be historically accurate. bones could tell a different story.

>> i think this could be the moment where richard iii 's reputation actually turns. this could be the moment where we look at his achievements and the positive aspects of richard iii and don't just see him as one of the old dark ages kings.

>> either way, richard iii 's bones will be reburied in a cathedr cathedral. even if he did kill his nephews, a parking lot is no place for a king.