Nightly News   |  February 06, 2013

Blizzard watch issued for Boston

It will begin snowing on Friday as a giant storm heads toward New England. Blizzard conditions are slated to hit the East Coast and the storm could drop as much as 6 to 12 inches of snow in New York City. Weather Channel Meteorologist Jim Cantore reports.

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>>> and we turn now to weather in the news. a lot of folks on the east coast , especially in new england, are all riled up for the potential arrival of a big snow-making weather system . weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is with us tonight. jim, what's on the way?

>> yeah, hey, brian. this on the 35th anniversary of the famous blizzard of '78 which pretty much shut down boston. boston under a blizzard watch . i expect others to follow. portland, southern new hampshire, even parts of connecticut i think as confidence grows in the forecast. in play thursday, chicago and atlanta. we will have issues there, obviously, at the airports. by 5:30 friday morning, this model says, hey, it will be snowing to new york. but we expect a changeover. the big question is, how much of a changeover. that makes new york's forecast very, very tricky. by friday night, into saturday morning, blizzard conditions throughout new england. a crippling snowstorm and the impact here. confidence for at least 2 feet there. the big question is, do we see that 6 to 12-inch area come down to new york city . that is a possibility, brian.

>> jim cantore , where they will be busy at weather channel headquarters over the next couple days. jim, thanks.