Nightly News   |  February 08, 2013

Blizzard warnings from NY to Maine

Two giant storms have met up to form one large storm over the Northeast, bringing very heavy snow across the region. NBC’s Al Roker reports.

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>>> we have an incredible view of this weather system as seen from space. look at the tops of those clouds. again, it's more than one storm. it's two joining up to form one over new england. not visible from space, our friend al roker is in the thick of it. he's in boston with a look at where it is now and how bad it's likely to get. hey, al, good evening.

>> yeah, well, good evening, brian . we're just really getting into the teeth of this thing. we've been getting reports of thundersnow over long island, and just in, we're getting reports of power lines and trees snapping in rhode island as heavy bands of snow come on onshore. right now we're in the boston common , the oldest park in the united states . and boston is in the bulls-eye for this. take a look on the radar. and you will see the two systems getting ready to come together. first we show you the winter storm warnings, winter storm warnings for much of new york on into interior sections of new england. but that area in red, that's where we're worried. blizzard warnings in effect from new york all the way to down east maine and east port . now, here's what we're looking at on the radar. steve, the moisture and that -- [ no audio ] these two storms merge off the coast, and bring with it very heavy snow. how much? we're talking about generally across the area anywhere from about 6 to 9 inches of snow developing. heavy, wet snow. that area in -- [ no audio ] we're talking about 1 to 2 feet. [ no audio ] the rest of boston , we could be talking about 30 inches of snow. add to that, significant winds. the pressure gradients between high pressure and low pressure . and look at these wind gusts, new york city , 37-mile-an-hour wind gusts. east end of long island. we're talking about getting close to hurricane-force winds, nantucket, hurricane-force winds all night long, into saturday, poor visibility, dangerous conditions, drifting snow . it is going to be a mess, brian . we're going to continue to cover it all night long on the weather channel . we'll start at 5:00 on "wake up with al" and a full report again tomorrow morning on the "today" show. brian ?

>> all right, al, thanks. just enough snow to wreak havoc with microphones from time to time. al roker in boston .