Nightly News   |  February 08, 2013

‘A wild night’ on the beach

The East Coast blizzard will bring about extreme coastal flooding, gusts up to 70 mph on the coasts and storm surges as high as 4.5 feet. Then, the big dig out will kick in on Sunday. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports from Revere Beach, Massachusetts.

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>>> the "new york times" put it today, perhaps in any other year, this nor'easter would have been met with little more than a shrug around this region. but remember, this year, little more than 100 days after hurricane sandy decimated a huge part of this area, this storm is hitting the same people along the same coastline that have just been hit. so even hardened new yorkers are taking no chances this time, getting prepared early, in case the power goes out. some folks have been waiting over an hour to get gas. and we found some gas stations in new york and new jersey already out of fuel.

>>> weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is up in revere beach , just north -- well, going in and out, because of the satellite signal. just north of the city of boston with more on this storm's early-edge arrival. hey, mike.

>> hey, good evening, brian. the winds here on the north shore have already gusted over 50 miles per hour and before the storm pulls out tomorrow afternoon, gusts could top 70. the beaches and islands