Nightly News   |  February 08, 2013

Power outages expected in Northeast

According to national grid estimates, as many as 100,000 customers in the Northeast will lose power. In the South, severe thunderstorms are slated to arrive, another big storm on the tail of the East Coast blizzard. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore reports from Boston

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>>> we are back. and let's get you updated on the progress of this snowstorm in the east. a genuine blizzard on the way. jim cantore is in boston . jim, i've got to say, we had mike seidel on earlier. i took one look at their live came camera picture, made a false assumption they were on the southern cape. they were to the north of boston , revere beach , where just off the coast the winds have picked up, upwards of 50 knots.

>> yeah, it's only going to get worse, brian . we're going to get some of that wind back here in boston , that's where we'll deal with the full teeth of this storm. probably right around midnight through about, 5:00, 6:00 in the morning. it will be accompanied by thunder and lightning . and right now the national grid estimates we will probably lose about 100,000 customers with power. and remember, brian , we're going to have to get the snow out of the way before we can get in and repair the power poles and the lines. so it's a two-fold problem here. let's show what's going on with the radar and i'll show you this purple area, if you will, on the radar. this is where the heaviest snow is coming down across long island, across southern connecticut , rhode island , into massachusetts. all of this is building north. we will be in this all night long. and that means the snow totals are going to really add up in through here. the back edge of the storm, just starting to show up there across eastern pennsylvania. but it will take a long time before it gets into eastern massachusetts . now, just as soon as we get rid of this storm in the northeast, we will focus quickly on another blizzard across the high plains . this one, though, will also have a severe weather threat down to the south. there will be severe thunderstorms from oklahoma city down to dallas. both on saturday and sunday, they will shift east toward the mississippi valley , as will the blizzard conditions for the high plains . so no rest for the weary here as we go from one big storm right to another. the only difference is geographically where it will happen. brian , back to you.

>> jim cantore in boston , part of our team from the weather channel that will be out in it all night