Nightly News   |  February 09, 2013

Mass. cleans up after historic storm

NBC’s Al Roker joins Lester Holt with the latest on the blizzard’s impact on Massachusetts.

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>>> good evening. folks in many parts of the northeast will be talking about this one for years to come. the winter storm of 2013 . a deadly blizzard that halted millions in their tracks, and left others along the coast fleeing to higher ground. tonight at least nine deaths are being attributed to the storm. more than half a million homes and businesses are without power. crews are removing stranded cars from highways. and airports across the region are struggling to reopen. in all five states saw snow totals over three feet. hamden, connecticut recorded 40 inches. it happened just as forecasters had predicted. two weather systems , one coming out of the west, one from the south, colliding over this region and creating a giant snowmaker. we have correspondents positioned up and down the northeast coast, and al roker starts us off in hard-hit boston . al, good evening.

>> good evening, lester. the winds are howling. the snow has stopped. 1978 , a r0rd in itself back then. even though it didn't equal that, this storm is going to be one for the record books. people in massachusetts woke up to more than two feet of snow this morning. bringing much of the state to a standstill.

>> it's typical new england snow day .

>> right now it's probably close to three feet.

>> reporter: the massive blizzard, with hurricane force winds, knocked power out to hundreds of thousands of customers. logan airport getting its fifth largest snowfall on record, nearly 25 inches. there's no amtrak service between new york and boston . and mounds of snow blanket the slippery roads.

>> the state police and the national guard have been out in force and working in tandem.

>> reporter: on the northeast coast, the high tide , combined with howling winds, and snow, splintered decks from oceanfront homes, washing them out to sea. authorities went door-to-door this morning, issuing evacuation orders to dozens of people in salisbury beach, one of the many hard-hit coastal communities. in hope, just east of boston , huge waves crashed over a seawall. sending rivers of water flowing through the streets. the state driving ban's been lifted but public transportation in boston remains suspended. governor duvall patrick urging people to stay off the roads.

>> hi, everybody. stay in and off the roads, and let those who are clearing the snow and helping us recover and restore ourselves to normal do their jobs.

>> reporter: people, though, are looking for creative ways to get around. skiing.

>> they just need a chair lift down here.

>> sledding. even kayaking. it's cold. and not always comfortable. but folks are trying to make the most of it, as cleanup continues in this snow-covered state. lester, last night -- early this morning at 3:00 a.m ., worcester emts and massachusetts national guards helped deliver at home a little baby girl noelle. and i have a sense that in about nine months there are going to be a lot more deliveries in this region. back to you.

>> maybe we should check back then. al roker tonight in boston starting us off. thanks.