Nightly News   |  February 09, 2013

Connecticut digs out after storm

NBC’s Ron Allen joins Lester Holt with the latest from Connecticut, a state that had some of the highest snow totals.

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>> as we noted at the top, connecticut had some of the highest snow totals, and in neighboring rhode island , power is a big issue there. nbc's ron allen and ron mott are in those states. ron allen , let's begin with you.

>> good evening, lester. the conditions here are getting better but it's still somewhat dangerous because there's just so much snow everywhere as you can see. late today the governor lifted the ban on traveling the roads, but he like governor patrick in massachusetts, is still warning the safest course of action for everyone is to just stay home. it took four guys with shovels and a lot of grit to get just one car unstuck this morning. connecticut woke up to whiteout conditions. with several communities buried under more than three feet of snow. the deepest, 40 inches in hamden.

>> it's been really hectic. we've been shoveling up in the front of the mall, and it's taking a lot of work.

>> reporter: overnight, the blizzard was intense. dumping several inches of snow each hour.

>> we've had no snow for multiple years so everybody forgot how to drive in it.

>> i have filed a request with the president of the united states for an emergency declaration in the wake of this storm.

>> reporter: through the day, bradley international airport remained closed, blanketed by nearly two feet of snow. state officials banned vehicles from every road. to keep the way open for emergency workers . like this long convoy of utility trucks from north carolina . but officials say abandoned vehicles blocking roadways has been one of the biggest challenges as the state tries to dig out. the snow piled up so fast, even this huge plow got stuck and needed a tow. during a 24-hour period, at the height of the storm, state police say they received some 1600 calls for help.

>> clearly it's a lot of snow that's out here. i don't really think it's that much worse than new englanders had to deal with many times.

>> reporter: everywhere hardy new englanders were digging out and trying to deal with the aftermath of this historic winter blast. ron allen , nbc news, hartford.