Nightly News   |  February 09, 2013

New winter storm poised to hit

The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore joins Lester Holt with the latest on the upcoming storm.

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>> where is this storm right now? the view from above shows it continues to head northeast out of maine and into canada. but this being the middle of winter another storm is never far behind. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is in boston with more on that. jim, good evening.

>> good evening, lester. just as soon as the blizzard warnings for this storm go down, the new ones have come up for the plains states . six states here stretching all the way from kansas out up in through nebraska, including minnesota, minneapolis under a winter storm warning here. this area should start precipitation tonight in the rockies, and it should rapidly spread out of the plains states . as we get into sunday, though, you'll notice north damage to, south dakota , minnesota dealing with all of this snow. we are expecting 6 to 10 inches in minneapolis. 50 to 60-mile-per-hour winds. there will also be a severe side to this, too, lester. there could be tornadoes in louisiana, mississippi, and also in to alabama. as we move into monday, no rest for the weary up here. that same storm moves right overhead. boston , providence, hartford, portland, maine, who had a record-setting snowfall today, will not be dealing with snow this time, we feel it's going to be more of an ice storm here. so the second big dig here in boston , if you will, needs to be completed in 36 hours , because on top of that, we've got a layer of ice to come.

>> wouldn't you know it. jim