Nightly News   |  February 09, 2013

Ex-LAPD suspect eludes police for 3rd day

The search for Christopher Dorner, the ex-LAPD officer accused in a string of revenge murders entered its third day Saturday, authorities said, exactly four years after his dismissal from the LAPD. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> we're back now with new details tonight on the other big story that's gripping much of the nation. the manhunt for that former los angeles police officer accused of killing three people in ref edge shootings earlier this week. nbc's miguel almaguer is live outside lapd headquarters. miguel , good evening.

>> lester, good evening. lapd headquarters is a fortress. what the suspect may consider a high value target . he's been on the run now for three days in what police consider one of the largest manhunts in state history. tonight, new surveillance photos of murder suspect christopher dorner, one week before the killing spree began. at his mother's home just outside of los angeles , detectives served a search warrant , bagged evidence, but make no arrests.

>> we're looking for any evidence that would lead us to dorner's whereabouts.

>> reporter: 100 miles away , helicopters with heat-seeking technology comb the snowy mountains over big bear . but the trail here has gone cold. after a three-day sweep of some 600 cabins, the only sign of the former lapd officer, and accused cop killer , were his foot prints which led nowhere, and his burntz-out truck.

>> this is a deviant person who has the capacity, the knowledge, and i think is extremely creative. he has the police going a hundred different ways right now.

>> officer shot multiple times.

>> reporter: with dorner accused of murdering three and targeting many more in a chilling manifesto, law enforcement officers have been named a target. with nerves rattled, lapd has put six officers on administrative leave after they opened fire on a vehicle thursday, thought to be dorner's. a 71-year-old mother and her daughter, shot multiple times by police, are now recovering. their attorney says the truck description was never close.

>> color didn't match. the model didn't match. the make didn't match. they're looking for a larger black man. these are two, older, hispanic, petite women.

>> reporter: from the mexico border to los angeles , there have been dozens of false sightings of dorner.

>> he's lapd blue from top to bottom.

>> reporter: former lapd chief bill bratton led the department when dorner was fired for making false statements .

>> i now have the opportunity to look at three significant profiles on him. he is a very deranged, sick individual. as the world closes in on him, he becomes even more dangerous, because he's lost his ability to control events.

>> reporter: tonight a region on edge, and an accused cop killer still on the run. with police on tactical alert across this region tonight, men and women in uniform, as well as the community, are remembering one of the first victims killed, monica quan's father was a former captain here at lapd . a heartbreaking day here at headquarters, as police search for a killer. lester?

>> all right, miguel , thank you.