Nightly News   |  February 10, 2013

Northeast begins blizzard cleanup

NBC’s Ron Mott reports that cleanup is slowly underway from the Blizzard of 2013 is underway in the Northeast.

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>>> here in the northeast, lots of digging out still going on after that blizzard dumped three feet of snow or more on some areas. and it's very much a case of the haves and have notes. most have power back, almost 300,000 homes and businesses still don't have it. public transportation is back in many areas. others still suspended. nbc's ron mott is following all this from boston . ron, good evening.

>> reporter: hey, lester, good evening to you. the big dig is taking on a little different meaning in boston tonight, what with nearly 25 inches of snow on the ground. getting things going again is easier said than done but we can report forward progress is under way. it was a snow-stopper of a storm. more than 25 hours after the last flake setted, people are anxious to get going, however long it takes. across new england, boston 's south station to hartford, connecticut , it was it was all about moving on.

>> we've been trying to get on pla planes, trains and automobiles for several days.

>> reporter: flights were back on the boards. so some even highlighting on-time departures. damages continue to mount around the region, perhaps delaying a quick return to normal. large parts of the long island expressway remained closed as plows opened escape routes for hundreds of stranded cars. nearby heavy snow was blamed for a roof collapse at a bowling alley . today the president declared a federal emergency in hard-hit connecticut . in short, the blizzard's impact was significant and tragic. at least 12 deaths reported, including two carbon monoxide poisonings. 635,000 customers lost power. more than 5,000 flights grounded. mass transit stopped in its tracks. and cleaning up the mess for some has turned more personal than preferred. my colleague ron allen .

>> this is meridan, connecticut . they got tired of waiting for the snowplow on this street, so the neighbors have taken care of business by themselves.

>> reporter: power crews traveled great distances, from michigan, ohio, and tennessee to lend a hand in rhode island . still restoring power and removing such massive amounts of snow takes time. hamden, connecticut . 40 inches. portland, maine, a record of nearly 32. 27.6 in west gloucester, rhode island . boston , nearly 25. for thomas in massachusetts, the sea, not the snow, was the menace. this was the deck of his house being bruised and battered yesterday. today he was trying to piece it back together while keeping it all in perspective.

>> it 's wonderful . the sunrise in the morning, big waves. but every once in a while , you get hit.

>> reporter: tonight, connecticut 's governor tweeted a stay home message for a lot of state workers for tomorrow. a lot of colleges and universities and schools in connecticut will be closed on monday. and here in boston , boston public schools also will be shut tomorrow.