Nightly News   |  February 11, 2013

Northeast digs out after huge snow storm

Thousands are still waiting for the lights to come back on after the snow crippled neighborhoods in New England. NBC’s Ron Mott reports.

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>>> the northeast, still digging out from a blizzard that topped out at 40 inches. you don't recover from that right away, and they haven't yet tonight. tens of thousands are still making due without power or heat. nbc's ron mott has our report from boston 's south shore .

>> reporter: for the third straight day, anthony came in from the cold to find no relief at home in scituate, massachusetts, south of boston . still without power, 37 degrees, as if outdoors.

>> it's frustrating. i wish we had power. and -- but, i mean, i know there's people out there working hard.

>> reporter: his crippled down and neighborhood, which governor deval patrick visited today, have plenty of company in this post-storm misery in new england. streets and sidewalks, undrivable driveways, 135,000 homes and businesses waiting for electricity and heat.

>> i appreciate very much the coordination and responsiveness, the support of the guard and of the state police . and the patience of the people.

>> reporter: but patience is growing thin. as the messy clean-up continues, it's slow-going otherwise. connecticut's governor told many state employees to stay home. schools will close again tuesday in boston , as residents in hardest-hit communities are pressed into more active roles in the big dig .

>> yeah, this is the middle of the street.

>> reporter: the largest in connecticut, where a record topping 40 inches of snow came thundering down. in new york, crews cleared enough of the snow bound long island expressway to reopen for the morning rush . back on the south shore , they're huddling their newborn twin boys at a relative's house, uncertain when they can finally go home. tonight with rain in the air and a possibility of even more snow later in the week, weighted-down roofs have become really concerns, given the strain they're already under. ron mott, nbc news, scituate, massachusetts.