Nightly News   |  February 11, 2013

‘Super hero’ window washers bring joy to sick kids

At children’s hospitals around the country, window washers dressed as super heroes are doing their part to help kids feel better. NBC’s Mark Potter reports.

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>>> time now for our "making a difference" report tonight. this is just a nice story about nice people who are trying to cheer up some kids who are in the hospital. as you're about to see, all it took was a little imagination to absolutely make someone's day. and they've got a great idea here. nbc's mark potter has our "making a difference" report tonight from florida .

>> reporter: at all children's hospital in saint petersburg , florida , which cares for more than 200 kids, everything changed one day, when superheroes came from the sky to chase away the fear and sadness that come with being sick.

>> it was very cool and exciting.

>> reporter: 7-year-old caden de growth, who loves spiderman, was there that day for treatment and suddenly felt a whole lot better seeing his hero in person.

>> usually i only see him in movies, but seeing him in real life is just really cool.

>> reporter: at children's hospitals around the country, they start at the roof and rappel the walls, window washers dressed at superheroes, doing their part to help kids feel better. it was superman and captain america . in charlotte, there were four of them. in ft. myers, it was a dynamic treo. and at christmastime, santa and his he feels came to clean and wave at kids inside. for the children, it was magic and very good medicine.

>> absolutely. any time we have an opportunity to help kids to feel more positive, it really benefits their healing.

>> reporter: what was the reason you were so glad you did this?

>> because i know i made their day a little better and they made my day a little better.

>> reporter: john powers of high-rise window cleaning in clearwater, florida is back in regular clothes now after his day in costume. and will never forget the girl without hair who peered back at him through her hospital window.

>> she just had the biggest smile ever when i came down and tapped on that window. that's the best part of the day right there. i was spiderman!

>> reporter: superheroes, all of them. in real life . mark potter , nbc news, st. petersburg, florida .