Nightly News   |  February 12, 2013

Fugitive ex-cop ‘actively engaging in gunfire’ with officers

William Bratton, former chief of the Los Angeles Police Department tells NBC’s Brian Williams about the violent situation developing at a cabin in Big Bear where former cop and murder suspect Christopher Dorner is barricaded inside. The manhunt, Bratton says, has become historic and unprecedented in its scale and nature.

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>>> with us from our new york studios is william brant, former chief of the los angeles police department . and chief, i'm curious, first off, how do you think this ends?

>> certainly, law enforcement is hoping he will surrender without any further loss of life or injured officers or injured suspect. at the same time, i understand the reports are that he is actively engaging in gunfire with the officers surrounding the cabin where he is located. so, let us hope for the best, that it ends with his surrender. at the same time, he is somewhat in control of that situation.

>> you're, of course, now inn dellably linked with this guy because of the photo of the two of you, though you have said in repeated interviews that you have your photo taken with hundreds of officers for vare yours events when you ran lapd over the course of the years. looking at this i guess i've learned that a motivated, determined and trained person, one individual, can really terrorize an entire region. what have you learned from this when it's all over?

>> well, actually, several years ago, we had two individuals who had no training totally terrorize the washington east coast region, the sniper incident there. this case, we have an individual, highly trained police officer , nobody trains better than the lapd, and lust the cross training with the military. it is frightening from the standpoint that this is a domestic terrorist and we always have the fear of international terrorism and these type of lone wolf activities. this one has been certainly historic in the sense, unprecedented in its scale and its nature.

>> this has been a disturbing case for you to watch, as it has everyone else. chief bill brant, thank you very much for coming on the air with us tonight from new york.