Nightly News   |  February 13, 2013

Fears linger after Dorner’s last stand

Big Bear residents who had been living in fear felt some semblance of relief now that police believe the threat posed by ex-cop fugitive Christopher Dorner appears to be over.  But anxiety remains over Dorner’s online supporters who pledged to support him. NBC’s Mike Taibbi reports.

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>> reporter: i'm mike taibbi in big bear where there is shock dorner could have been hiding here in plain slight, even within earshot of the daily police briefings until his encounter with two resort workers on the main through road.

>> i parked my car right across the street from the cabin that he was held up in.

>> i can't believe he could be this close.

>> reporter: every home and structure had been searched. even the cabin where dorner made his last stand.

>> two days ago, the police went over there and searched it.

>> reporter: today, for the first time in a week, local businesses like blanka and pierre's restaurant were busy again. but owner luis says he and his mom and especially his two daughters had been living in fear.

>> we had them all in one room.

>> reporter: down the mountain, the memorial for slain riverside police officer michael crane , one of two fatal law enforcement victims of an ex cop's rage.

>> your dad was a tough guy. and because he was tough, he knew he could be kind and gentle.

>> reporter: more than 5,000 uniformed men and women attended, their grief mixed with relief that the siege is over.

>> we love what we do. and we're going to continue doing it and try to keep the bad guys locked up.

>> reporter: there was still some residual anxiety. dorner had said in his manifesto, i will reassess and reattack until my objectives are met. and while he was stopped, there were supporters online and elsewhere vowing anonymously to take up arms on his behalf.

>> the protective details, some of those are still in place. and those will remain in place until the department and those protectees feel safe.

>> reporter: but for the most part, the wave of fear that was most suffocating right here has subsided.

>> last night was the first time night they went to their own rooms.

>> reporter: before further tragedy marked this mountain forever. over 1,000 tips were checked out that had dorner anywhere from mexico to nevada. but it seems likely he was here, hiding in plain sight for days, maybe even since last friday, until two frightened women called police to report their encounter with california's most wanted. and for a week, america's most wanted man, christopher dorner. brian?

>> mike taibbi , miguel almaguer starting us off from southern california tonight, thanks.