Nightly News   |  February 13, 2013

Rubio’s swig of water goes viral

Marco Rubio, his mouth dry from presenting the GOP response to Obama’s State of the Union speech, lunged for a bottle of Poland Spring while on camera – one of the many superficial, but memorable moments from the State of the Union. NBC’s Brian Williams reports

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>>> well, it's one of the cruellest aspects of politics in the television age. no matter how well-crafted the content, no matter how thoughtful a person you are, it's the television moments, the superficial, purely visual moments that are often remembered forever instead. and that will certainly be the case with florida senator marco rubio 's gop response last night. it was instantly branded the aqua lunge. some called it watergate when his mouth grew palpably dry and the water was just too far away to reach for it comfortable, so he reached for it as if he was under fire. the water folks at poland spring enjoyed their web moment in the sun today. the lunge became a cottage industry. so did comments about everything else people saw last night. joe biden 's eye injury from a scratched cornea, speaker boehner's lack of excitement. the president's exploding fist bump with the republican senator from illinois who is still recovering from a stroke. with our politics so paralyzed, maybe americans are just looking for a diversion.