Nightly News   |  February 13, 2013

Banana Joe’s newfound fame

The monkey-faced affenpinscher who stole judges’ hearts at the Westminster Dog Show, has been making the rounds before beginning his next act: retiring abroad. NBC’s Katy Tur reports.

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>>> finally tonight, the shout heard round the world in the doggy world. the coveted title of best in show at the westminster dog show in new york city . and for all of us who would be perfectly happy if a golden retriever won every year, they managed to keep it interesting this year with a breed of dog few nondog people had ever heard. the most famous dog in new york today. our report tonight from nbc's katy tur.

>> reporter: a cloud of fluffy, black fur on four, skinny legs.

>> best in show winner, with the 137th westminster kennel club dog show , the affenpinscher.

>> reporter: this little monkey-faced fella named banana joe ran with the big dogs and stole the super bowl of canine competition. edging outside old english sheepdog , swagger, to take best in show . so what the heck is an affenpinscher, anyway? dating back to 17th century central europe , the affenpinscher was known as the little devil with a mustache. today the rare breed mostly seems to make its owners a little crazy in love . after last night, the afteren federal reserver is growing. breeders like this one in arizona have seen a surge in requests. highly adorable, but not afraid to work, ernie is a therapy dog for students at penn state . but not everyone is a fan. does westminster try to find a new strange-looking dog to make best in show each year, cried one tweeter. but to helen, edward and their pup yeardley, hater's gone ahate, they just want to love.

>> he looks like an ewock to me.

>> reporter: as for banana joe , after the morning tv rounds, he ate a steak lunch. but he isn't just a champion, he's a linguist, fluent in four languages. [ speaking in spanish ] i think that means yes, right? and tonight a one-night-only appearance on broadway. center stage in the mystery of edwin drud. banana joe 's next act, retirement abroad, leaving little devils with mustaches waiting in the wing. katy tur, new york.