Nightly News   |  February 19, 2013

Spending cuts: ‘Chicken Little’ all over again?

NBC’s Chuck Todd says it may feel as though the sky is falling (once more) but it’s likely the spending cuts will go through March 1, the government will come up with a compromise deal, and they’ll punt something else down the road.

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>>> all of this somehow brings us to our political director and chief white house correspondent, chuck todd . so chuck, what's going to happen here, and if it does happen and if it's fixed, do you wonder why people are so deeply angry, cynical and checked out of our politics?

>> i can understand if viewers tonight think this is chicken little all over again. the president holding another event surrounded by people who could see dire effects of a budget compromise. it feels like we've been through this before. the sky is falling. what are we going to do? we don't -- we know how this is going to get resolved. these cuts will go march 1st , probably. the government runs out of funding at the end of march. they'll come up with some compromise deal. doesn't quite fix things. kind of a band-aid, and then they'll punt something else down the road, and we'll go down this. what this does is it makes the rest of government a bit dysfunctional. and of course, it builds cynicism. the one thing i wonder here is we already know that congress isn't popular. the president is testing the political limits of the public cynicism, which is how much are they going to believe this? are they going to look up and say how often going to say this? i'm through listening to washington.

>> all right. chuck todd with the dire forecast to go along with the news we're reporting tonight. chuck, thanks, as always.