Nightly News   |  February 19, 2013

Tiger Woods on Obama’s golf game

The golfing pro spoke publicly Tuesday about his recent game with Obama, saying the President is a good athlete. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> tiger woods spoke publicly today about his golf outing this weekend with president obama in florida. he said the president's a good athlete, and he had forgotten until he teed off that he's a lefty. and by the way, it was apparently listening to -- it was apparent listening to tiger woods today he was drilled on the proper way to address the president in all cases.

>> playing with mr. president was pretty cool. he's a wonderful person to be around. we won. he hit the ball well and got amazing touch. he can certainly chip and putt. if he ever spent after these four years, if he spends more time playing the game of golf, i'm sure he can get to where he's a pretty good stick.

>> it was the president's first golf outing with tiger woods who's still recovering from a massive explosion in his personal life . it was tiger woods ' second golf outing with a u.s. president . he's played golf before with president clinton .