Nightly News   |  February 20, 2013

Flooding rains, severe weather on the way

The big storm brewing in the Midwest will bring rain, snow and ice to the east, but unlike the blizzard conditions of the last storm there will be warm air on the East Coast which ought to prevent snowfall. NBC’s Janice Huff reports.

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>> weather john was referring to they're expecting in kansas city tonight, part of a huge system moving from west to east across the country. even the pro golfers in arizona got hit today. the world golf championships had to be postponed due to snow. and in california, they actually had some tornadoes touch down as part of the same system which has 30 million americans in its path in 18 different states. that's so far. we are joined tonight by meteorologist janice huff . janice, this is a big weather system .

>> brian, this storm is going to intensify and track across the entire country. and it's not just going to bring snow and ice, but also flooding rains and the potential of severe weather with tornados with the southern states . so on thursday, that snow will continue across the rockies and into kansas, maybe as much as 2 feet. ice just to the south of that, rain across east texas . and thunderstorms along the gulf coast that may spawn tornadoes in places like louisiana and east texas . then that shifts to the east on friday. snow for chicago. ice for the ohio valley . rain across the carolinas. thunderstorms and isolated tornadoes from the florida panhandle into georgia. and you could see flooding rains. when it hits the east coast , another coastal storm will form. this time, it looks like there's going to be more warm air right along the coast, so places like long island and parts of connecticut that saw so much snow from the blizzard, more likely rain or a mix, including new york city . but inland areas will get quite a bit of snow, and boston has to watch out. they get dumped on with up to a foot. it's still early. we'll keep tracking for you, brian.

>> janice huff in the weather