Nightly News   |  February 20, 2013

Sen. John McCain faces outrage over immigration

Angry constituents gave Senator John McCain an earful on immigration at a town hall in Sun Lakes, Ariz. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> things got hot in arizona yesterday during a constituent town hall meeting with senator john mccain . it got tense when he got an earful on a couple of issues. after a while, the senator pushed back. and it started on immigration.

>> and you're a senator with the federal government , and you're doing nothing about it. you said build the dang fence. where's the fence?

>> in case you missed it, i showed you.

>> that's not a fence.

>> that's not a fence? it's a banana. we are putting up a banana with about $600 million worth of appropriations we have. sir, you can -- you're entitled to your opinion. you're not entitled to your facts. the facts are that we have made significant improvements on the border.

>> everybody in this audience right here.

>> you know --

>> you're taking away from their social security to give it to a dependent class of people.

>> taking away from their social security ? this is an overwhelming experience. i've had enough, sir. you've had enough.

>> when i retire --

>> you've had enough time. you've had enough time. you've had enough time.

>> 51 years --

>> go ahead, sir. we really try to be polite here. and if -- and if -- and if you can't be polite, then please don't speak up. because people are entitled to hear people's opinion. you know something? again, i've had town hall meetings for 30 years. people are very happy i have town hall meetings , and i listen to them and i get back to them. and that's what this is all about. but occasionally, i get a jerk like you here. so thank you. go ahead, ma'am.

>> it went on. on and off pretty much like that. we've put more of the video on our website tonight.