Nightly News   |  February 21, 2013

‘The storm is far from over’

Snow will arrive in the Chicago metro area on Friday before traveling to the East Coast where it will develop into rain and sleet across the region and snow in the Boston area. The Weather Channel’s Jim Cantore reports from Lincoln, Neb.

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>> over to lincoln, nebraska. weather channel meteorologist jim cantore is out in it there. jim, good evening.

>> hey, brian. 4 inches here at the capital. we could tack on another 4. the problem is, the storm is far from over here. let's talk about it and where it goes and what it becomes as we head into the weekend here. tomorrow morning we're talking about snow coming into the chicago metro area . indianapolis, as well. so we expect a rush hour there that will at least start with snow. it may not end that way. as you can see, the forecast, friday at 9:00 a.m ., does not show anymore snow there. and then the storm changes itself as we head into the weekend. a new low pressure from this develops off the virginia coast, travels up the east coast . it's got a lot of warm air from the gulf of mexico to feed off. the problem is, it will not have enough cold air to keep it all snow in new york, in boston. but eventually as that low pulls to the east, it will be all snow in boston once again, for the third weekend straight. winter, brian, is far from over.

>> all right, jim cantore , lincoln, nebraska tonight. jim, thanks.