Nightly News   |  February 23, 2013

Fans injured in crash at Daytona Speedway

NBC’s Janet Shamlian reports on the crash at Daytona Speedway.

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>>> good evening. we begin with a developing story from daytona beach , florida, where late this afternoon a race car smashed into the fence and sent debris flying into the grandstands. it happened on the eve of the daytona 500 on the final lap of a nationwide series race. at least a dozen people were taken to the hospital. nbc's janet shamlian is in dachbt with the latest. janet, good evening.

>> reporter: it was a jaw-dropping crash and it happened right in front of the grandstand and it was the last lap of the race. the engine from rookie kyle larsen's car went into the catch fence. it caught fire and then witnesses say large chunks from the tire, from the car, as well as a tire, went flying high up into the grandstand and hit a number of the people. first responders were here immediately. they're already standing by in case something happens on the track. never thinking that it's going to happen up in the stands. they have people on stretchers within a matter of moments. 11 people taken to the hospital. we are told one is in critical condition with trauma to the head and at this time is in surgery. nascar and daytona