Nightly News   |  February 23, 2013

Steenkamp’s dad may someday forgive Pistorius

Accused Paralympic athlete Oscar Pistorius will “suffer” alone if he is lying, the father of his slain girlfriend said in an interview with a South African newspaper. NBC’s Michelle Kosinski reports.

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>>> living in his uncle's house after being released on bond, unable to return to his own home where he shot and killed his girlfriend nine days ago. tonight we're hearing from rina steenkamp's father. michelle kosinski is in south africa with the latest.

>> reporter: oscar pistorius went to his uncle's house after being released on bond yesterday, not allowed back in his own home which is the scene of the alleged crime. tonight we're hearing from his girlfriend's father, bitterly grieving, saying he someday might forgive pistorius , on one condition. oscar pistorius did not venture outside his uncle's home today where cameras of course were waiting. po base officers did pay him a visit. one of the many conditions of his release that is he can't go home where pistorius shot and killed reeva steenkamp early valentine's day morning, he says mistaking him for a burglar in his bathroom. today "beeld" ran an interview with her father barry. steenkamp saying, there are only two people who really know what happened, oscar pistorius and the lord. it doesn't matter how much money he has and how good his legal team is, he must live with his conshouldn't. if it did not happen as he told it, he must suffer. if he speaks the truth, i can perhaps someday forgive him. the pistorius family, emotional and so supportive of oscar in court, sent the steenkamp family flowers and a card. yes, but what does it mean? steenkamp's mother was quoted as saying. "nothing." now everything is taken away from her in such a violent way. we want to know the truth." people around the world have reached out to them. messages of support have been posted on pistorius ' redesigned website, now foeg him with his hand over his heart. his release causing split reactions.

>> i think the guy is, you know, he should be behind bars.

>> reporter: now he can live his life, though needing permission to travel even outside his town, having to check in at a police station bite a week. although his agent canceled all his upcoming races, sponsors including nike have suspended sponsorships, his coach wants to start training him again as soon as possible to clear his mind, possibly as early as monday. pistorius might have a long time to wait for trial under this system, though the eyes of the world are now on it. he doesn't have to be back in court until june.