Nightly News   |  March 01, 2013

Boehner: Obama doesn’t have a plan

NBC’s David Gregory describes his interview with Speaker of the House John Boehner, who questioned whether or not there is a real plan to replace the millions in budget cuts referred to as the ‘sequester.’

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>> to moderator of "meet the press," david gregory . let's speak plain english here. this is what americans hate about washington. i heard today there are only saints, no sinners. you heard exclusively from "meet the press." what did he have to say.

>> nobody was around. they had all left town, and both sides hate this thing. yet they didn't stop it, and they left town. it's quite a spectacle. and there's all this business of who is to blame for really being the author of sequester. we know the president wanted it. as to force a different outcome that he was able to get and republicans supported it as well. the big issue, is there any plan to replace it. that's where boehner in this meeting today in the white house said he was critical of the president. that led to this exchange between the two of us in our interview.

>> they made it very clear as the president just did, that he has a plan that he's put forward. that involves entitlement cuts, that involves spending cuts, that you've made a choice, as have republicans, to leave tax loopholes in place, and you would rather have those and live with all these arbitrary cuts.

>> that's just nonsense. if he had had a plan, why wouldn't senate democrats go ahead and pass it? the house has acted twice over the last ten months to replace the sequester. if we're going to -- the president got his tax hikes on january the 1st. if we're going to get rid of loopholes, let's lower rates and make the tax code fair for all americans.

>> here's the bottom line, brian. they're not going to give on revenues, not now. this process is totally stalled out. the speaker said, responded to the idea of the president warning of consequences that nobody knows what the impact will be on the economy. but this is significant. he says he's committed to keeping the government open, no shutdown, over these budget fights, brian.

>> david gregory , thanks. we'll look