Nightly News   |  March 03, 2013

Queen Elizabeth hospitalized

For the first time in ten years, Britain’s 86-year-old Queen Elizabeth is in the hospital, but in good spirits. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> good evening. we start with news that britain's queen elizabeth is in the hospital tonight. buckingham palace says the 86-year-old monarch was admitteded for treatment of a stomach ailment and offered an upbeat assessment of her condition. the queen keeps up an active schedule and has been in remarkably good health, however she fell ill late this past week and tonight, all her official engagements have been called off. nbc's annabelle roberts is outside the hospital in london tonight with the latest on her condition. annabelle, good evening.

>> reporter: good evening, lester. officials at buckingham palace have told me that the queen is in good spirits, that she travel neared a private car, not the ambulance. they want to dampen any sense of alarm. but gimp the queen's able this illness must be taken seriously. on wednesday, the queen looked cheerful and well as she toured a new hospital in london. on thursday, she smiled as she handed medals to olympic athlete bus on friday, she fell ill and you was told by doctors to rest over the weekend at windsor castle . clearly, that was not enough to shake off the stomach bug and tonight, she's in the hospital . a buckingham palace spokesman says this is a precautionary measure. she's in good spirits and otherwise in good health.

>> the scene queen is a very stoic character, she is very rarely ill. she rarely canceled engage is she must be suffering a little bit for the door advise her to take this precaution and go to hospital .

>> reporter: it has been ten years since the queen was last hospitalized. that was for a knee operation and at 86 years old a month from her 87th birthday, any illness has to be taken seriously.

>> the main worry is dehydration and electrolyte or chemical imbalance on the body which may put a strain on her kidneys.

>> reporter: last year was an important for the monarch kirk the queen's jubilee celebration marred only by 91-year-old prince philip falling ill with a bladder infection. neither the queen nor her husband are the type to complain about not feeling well.

>> base kplarks means keeping a stiff upper lip and getting on with t.

>> reporter: the queen is at the same hospital where the duchess of came bridge was treated for acute morning sickness in december. she is expected to remain in the hospital for at least two days and all her engagements for the week have been canceled. if the queen is in the hospital for just two days, it's unlikely that any of her family will visit. british prime minister david cameron has tweeted his best wishes to her majesty, saying he hopes she makes a speedy recovery. lester?

>> an bell, thank you.