Nightly News   |  March 03, 2013

U.S. braces for new winter storm

Another winter storm will work its way across the U.S. from Minneapolis Minn. to Washington, D.C., the Weather Channel’s Kim Cunningham reports.

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>>> the weather now and here we go again, yet another winter storm is making its way across the country. let's get the latest from weather channel meteorologist kim cunningham. hello, kim.

>> hey, lester this is the 19th major storm, winter storm we have seen move across the country. this one though, a little farther north than we have seen. let's go ahead and show you how this is starting to take shape now. this will begin to move east, bringing snow to minneapolis tonight, even chicago by tonight. tomorrow, heavier snow expected in chicago , minneapolis . we could see a foot of snow in some areas. rain for the mid-atlantic, at least early on tuesday. but the jury's out in some areas. washington, d.c., we think, will change over to snow, but once this area of low pressure gets into the atlantic, it's possible we could see a storm in boston. folks in boston, keep an eye on this going to see maybe a foot in minneapolis , chicago . this could rival rocky. keep an eye on this snowstorm, lester. looks like this could hit new england. we will keep you up to