Nightly News   |  March 04, 2013

In the News: from Forbes billionaires to body image

The Forbes list of billionaires; Michelle Obama on body image; Hess gasoline; locusts in Israel, and the Queen’s guards. NBC’s Brian Williams reports.

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>>> the news tonight. the forbes list of billionaires is out. women now make up just under 10% of the list. many more of them self-made than in recent years. the first lady talked about body image and her two girls today while publicizing her "let's move" campaign. she said, quote, i have two young daughters. we never talk about weight. i make it a point. i don't want our children to be weight-obsessed. i want them to be focused on what do i have to do in this body, because every body is different, end of quote.

>>> for folks out east, the hess gasoline truck has been a staple under christmas trees for generations but hess said they're getting out of the retail gasoline business, thus ending an era. some people jokingly ask when the locusts will be coming. israel is worried they'll be coming bypassover. they've been swarming in neighboring egypt and now israel is worried about crop damage to come.

>>> and while the queen was in the hospital in london, a study in contrast at the front door. they're called big tone and little tone. both queen's guards named tony. one is 7'2", the other a manageable 5'6". up next