Nightly News   |  March 04, 2013

Nothin’ but net: Teen’s winning shot goes viral

With one tenth of one second left, Khalil Edney of New Rochelle High School threw a 60-foot shot that won the championship Sunday. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> it was just another high school basketball game, the kind played thousands of times all across the country every night of the season. but this one had an improbable ending, which tonight has become the video version of the shot heard round the world . our report from nbc's ron allen .

>> reporter: the season looks finished for new rochelle high. down by two points, just 2.9 seconds left. then senior khalil edny experienced every young basketball player's dream.

>> hold on one second. oh, goodness! are they going to count that?

>> to me, it counted.

>> reporter: you have to see it again to believe it. edny throws the ball in. an opponent intercepts. then he throws the ball ahead. edny snatches and heaves it with .1 of 1 second left.

>> absolutely, absolutely. no, no, not just like that.

>> reporter: actually, edny threw the pass because a star quarterback on the football team , a team that just won a championship last fall. the date was november 24th . tragically, the date six years ago his mother lost her battle with cancer. she was just 33. his arms bear tribute. mama's bear, it says, above his mother's birthday and the day she died.

>> every time i think about situations like this, you can say it was heaven -- it was an angel at the game. because that's the way the shot went down.

>> reporter: so just how hard is it to sink a shot from 55 feet? ooh, that was close. of course, close, doesn't count. but edny 's shot