Nightly News   |  March 05, 2013

Storm to strengthen as it hits East Coast

The latest winter storm is slated to arrive in Boston on Wednesday and continue into Thursday, bringing beach erosion from Maryland to Cape Cod. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> mike seidel is in bolingbrook, illinois, tonight. and mike, all the snow they can happened until some spots.

>> reporter: you got that right. let's show you where the storm heads tonight and tomorrow, brian, into the mid-atlantic and d.c. t will likely start as rain and then change to snow. now as the storm hits the coast, as john mentioned, big issues on the jersey shore . winds could gust to 60 miles an hour. we are going to have beach erosion and coastal flooding from maryland and delaware up to cape cod . the snow gets into boston late tomorrow night and wednesday. snow totals? west of d.c. and the mountain, foot or more. d.c. , five to eight inches. they have already can selled 1,000 flights in washington ahead of the storm. they have only had an inch and a half of snow in washington so far. in new york city , an inch, maybe two inches of slushy snow in midtown manhattan . boston gets six inches or more. and back here in chicago, brian, remembering last march where it hit 88 days, not the case this time around. back to you.

>> mike, thanks. and we are worried about our beloved and bat battered new jersey shore around here. mike side until bolingbrook, illinois.