Nightly News   |  March 06, 2013

Storm brings thick, heavy snow

Boston may see as much as 12 inches of snowfall as the storm moves through the East Coast, and strong winds are expected to batter the New England coastline. Weather Channel meteorologist Reynolds Wolf reports from Front Royal, Virginia.

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>> reynolds wolf . reynolds, good evening.

>> good evening, brian . the amount of snowfall we have seen in this area has been from 12 to 17 inches of this incredibly thick, very, very heavy snow. the thing is, brian , as this storm system makes its way northeast, many other places will be seeing this same type of snow. in fact, as we go to the graphic, you'll notice one place that will see a bull's eye of this possibility will be just due west of boston. in fact, boston could see anywhere from 9, perhaps even 12 inches of snowfall over the next several hours and days. so certainly something to watch out. but keep in mind, brian , that's only one component we're going to see with winter storm saturn. as this system makes its way forth off the coast, we'll see residual effects of strong winds, coastal flooding all but a certainty from the delmarva peninsula to parts of the coastline. but by the weekend, the system will be deeper into the atlantic and the storm as well as the snow will be part of history.

>> reynolds wolf in ft. royal,