Nightly News   |  March 06, 2013

New TSA rules worry Federal Air Marshals

The U.S. will now allow passengers to bring some knives aboard airplanes in addition to certain sports equipment such as hockey sticks and golf clubs – but a representative for the nation’s Air Marshals said the decision has put them at greater risk. NBC’s Pete Williams reports.

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>>> now to air travel and the tsa's plan to change the rules back to before 911 and allow people to bring small knives on board aircraft. flight attendants came out against this rule change yesterday. then today the air marshals slammed the decision. nbc's pete williams in our d.c. news roorm with more on this tonight. pete?

>> reporter: brian, some family members of people killed on 911 are saying they don't like the idea in addition to the federal air marshals . the tsa announced yesterday that starting april 25th , airline passengers can carry on knives that have folding blades up to about 2 1/3 inches long. i was in with longer or locking blades will still be banned, so will box cutters and razor blades . a representative for the nation's federal air marshals describes them as being, quote, very upset, and says the decision puts them at greater risk. relatives of some of the 9/11 victims say a pocketknife can be just as dangerous as a box cutter and a group representing flight attendants say they plan to stage demonstrations when the plan kicks in next month, hoping to get it rolled back. but some security consultants call this a welcome change. they say it frees up screeners from having to search for pocket knives and allows them to concentrate on finding explosives instead. brian?

>> pete williams in our washington bureau tonight. pete, thanks.