Nightly News   |  March 07, 2013

New Jersey braces for flooding

In some of the towns hardest hit by Hurricane Sandy, residents are anxiously awaiting another storm to swing through. NBC’s Ron Allen reports.

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>>> here in the northeast tonight the winter storm made its way across the country much of this week is now churning along the coast, exactly what the coast doesn't need and can't tolerate, because coastline defenses are down, so much remains batter and had torn apart by hurricane sandy. we get our report tonight from nbc's ron allen on the jersey shore .

>> reporter: this morning in majorintolokin mantoloking, the main road was closed again. the sand dune meant to protect this small community where residents were only allowed to return last month failed in at least three places. through the day, workers raced to plug the dike before the next high tide .

>> we're exposeded now, we have built the dune in the last several weeks. we have a pretty high dune, the length of mantoloking, all gone as a result of this nor'easter.

>> reporter: up and down the new jersey shore , at least five towns have voluntary evacuation orders. it's another anxious night with flood warnings in place until friday. further north in new england, the coastal communities also are bracing for street flooding and possible evacuations. in scituate, south of boston, about a dozen streets were closed this morning, swamped by high tide . you ever get used to this stuff?

>> well, the older you get, the less you get used to it.

>> reporter: back in new jersey, a busy day for firefighters here in seabright, dealing with fires in buildings damaged by sandy, now exposed to this new storm. and this afternoon, as the winds eased a bit, roofers were in high demand, as homeowners raced to repair the damage yet again.

>> the wind came in from that direction, and just ripped off totally, like, half the roof.

>> ron allen 's report tonight from seabright, the northern tip of the jersey shore .