Nightly News   |  March 08, 2013

Oceanfront home rips off its foundation

More than 20 inches of snow fell on parts of New England and waves pounded the shoreline as the latest winter storm hit a region already battered several times since October. Weather Channel Meteorologist Eric Fisher reports.

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>>> this latest winter storm that made its way across a good part of the country this week is finally blowing itself out over the northeast coastline tonight. but not before doing some pretty serious damage and leaving behind a massive amount of snow in some spots. the damage, by the way, includes some breeches and a shoreline that didn't need anymore. weather channel meteorologist eric fisher is with us tonight from plum island , mass, near the new hampshire border. eric, we've been watching that home behind you all day.

>> reporter: just a sad story here, brian. it's been a battering season for winter storms in the east coast , anywhere from delaware to maine, flooding, coastal erosion , snow, they have all been calling cards. and this storm has been no exception. more than 20 inches of snow fell on parts of new england. in massachusetts, major coastal flooding as waves pounded the shoreline. this oceanfront home on plum island came off its foundation. fortunately, no one was inside at the time. several other homes nearby suffered significant damage. on long island, a slushy mix made for a messy morning commute.

>> a little rough out there today.

>> reporter: even rougher in connecticut where a tractor- trailer jack -knifed on i-95, closing the highway for several hours, leaving early-morning drivers stranded.

>> i think it's a mess. that's what i think it is.

>> reporter: in sea bright , new jersey, high tide brought floodwaters 2 feet deep in some places. no homes were flooded but it was a stark reminder of the beach erosion left by hurricane sandy.

>> you can see the sand rising up, you can see the flooding that is still going on. sandy has not been remedied here.

>> reporter: a last gasp of winter, leaving residents on the east coast weary and ready for change.

>> i'm done with it. i'm done with it. i want spring. i've had enough.

>> reporter: understandably so. but if you are thinking spring, you might want to think again. next storm is rolling to the west as we speak, denver expecting blizzard conditions, and that starts tonight. brian?

>> eric fisher , plum island , massachusetts. eric, thanks for your reporting today.