Nightly News   |  March 09, 2013

Big storm dumps snow on Denver

Snow pounded Denver, Colo., Saturday, falling at more than an inch per hour at times. Nearly 500 flights out of Denver International Airport had to be canceled. The Weather Channel’s Mike Seidel reports.

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>>> much of the u.s. is following yet another big storm this weekend in what for many seems like an endless winter. denver was among the cities feeling the punch today, and that's where weather channel meteorologist mike seidel is tracking things tonight for us. mike, good evening.

>> hey, lester . blizzard warnings tonight in parts of three states, here in colorado, also parts of kansas and nebraska. here in denver , snow is typical in march. typically, so far four inches downtown but no major issues on the roads. snow pounded denver today. falling at an inch an hour at times. nearly 500 flights out of denver international airport had to be canceled.

>> it's to be expected in rad dough. you know, we just love it here. so it will be good for us.

>> reporter: the same system brought quarter-sized hail to mesa, arizona. 60-mile-per-hour gusts in the phoenix area triggered a rare winter dust storm .

>> this thing's moving fast. i'm pretty surprised.

>> reporter: and in southern california , heavy snow pummeled the mountains. this latest system follows a massive storm that left much of the northeast covered in snow. and produced damaging coastal flooding along the shore. in massachusetts , three oceanfront homes had to be demolished on plum island after waves battered their foundations.

>> we also have now four more that are severely structurally compromised. and a total of 12 houses posted with no occupancy.

>> reporter: a series of recent storms has relentlessly eaten away at the eastern sea board from maryland to new jersey to massachusetts , with precious beach disappearing, just as it's replaced. leaving little protection for homeowners.

>> we've had one storm after the other. and it just can't sustain it.

>> reporter: in massachusetts , residents are digging out after getting almost two feet of snow.

>> it's a lot more than i was expecting. it's a heavy, too. i got two snow blowers in the back. i can't pick it up because it's so wet.

>> reporter: meanwhile back in denver the blast didn't stop joggers from getting a little exercise or these kids from having a little fun.

>> it's working against us. we're having a good time regardless.

>> reporter: the storm tonight and sunday heading across the plains into the midwest, where they desperately need the moisture because of the drought. meanwhile, no more snow from this point for boston and the northeast. it will still well to the west and bring rain in a couple of days. back here in denver , speaking of spring, this snow will melt, lester , by tuesday and wednesday temperatures tracking 60 once again. so spring returns for the front range.

>> some good news.

>> lester ?

>> all right. mike seidel , thanks