Nightly News   |  March 14, 2013

Pope Francis to bring new type of papacy

After distancing himself from the traditional pomp and privilege of his new title, Pope Francis – known for his sincerity and frugality – has shown every indication that he plans to remain an educator and a pastor in addition to all of his other responsibilities. NBC’s Anne Thompson reports.

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>>> made yesterday the vatican . the new papy got under way toy. pope francis , getting used to his new life while cholics ound t world get used to the id of a new po. he i aeady makingis mark in ways both b andsmall. but his choic by the cardinals inheonclaves still t focus of so much of the world's attentio fr rom across america south toargentina, we have two reports beginningith nbc's an thompson at the vatican . anne, good eveng.

>> reporter: good evening, brn. in just 24 hour pe francis , the former ahbishop of buenos aires put his stamp on the papacy regogts privige and grande and making it clear that despite his oer responsibilitieshis pope will be a pastor.

>> reporter: from his first mass francis made it clear his will be aiffere papacy. in hisermon delivered without notes -- [ speaking ia foreig nguage ]

reporr: -- francis urged the cdinals who elected him to build the urch preaching the gospel or the would be like children buildin san castles that collse. cardal timothy dolan of new yo sd francis washosen in rt because theardinals he can rebuild the curiae.

>> henownor his nesty, candor, sincity, simicity an rning well oiled mhine in one of the most mplex, largest archdieses of the wod. i thinhe can do it.

>> reporter: in rome there is a sense new era is under way. likeaint frais of assi whose name heook his fst ac were signs of humility. choong to ride the bus wh e otherardinals instead of the papal limouse. keeping theron cross he we in argentina. returng to thisuest house today to pick u his bags and pay his bill. small gestures that may signal gger changesahea

>> e can make t changes needed because he knows from his n experience in bues aires what has been missi here in rome.

>> reporter: toda fncis fosed oninning the hears of rons. gog to basilica dedicated to mary. is sounir shop near the vatin soldut of 6,000 photos of the new pe. emacing a more humble image in this regal setting. anne thomps, nbc news, the vatican .