Nightly News   |  March 14, 2013

Argentina’s Catholics pray for Pope Francis

The celebration of Argentine Cardinal Jorge Mario Bergoglio’s ascension to the highest leadership position in the Catholic Church continued Thursday both in the pews, and slums, of Buenos Aires. NBC’s Miguel Almaguer reports.

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>>> i muel uel almagr in enos aires. the faithful pray for thean who once ledear chuhnd will now lead thcatholic world. when he was carnal here pope francis often sat in t bk pews, accesble tonyon seekinhis help. his sister said today he never wanted the papacy [ speaking in a foreign language ]

>> reporter: when i met john uli i looked upnd saw his loneliness. my brother's gaze reflectsove bunot loneliness. toy the cebrati continues. here the mho became pe ate with and cked fo the poor. he was their vocate, hding ma in their neighborhood chur. the streets they honored the man who was daily fixture among them. always wanted to be togetr wi the people ofhe stres, says this man. the pe hasn't escap controversy. critics y threeeces ago as ahurch leader he d littlo pres arntins crch supporr dictatship under which some 30,0 people disappred. it is still remembered here as the dirty war . [ spking in a reign language ]

>> reporter: the pope could have done more during the war, the church could have do more too. but most welcome the first latin american pe. in mexico city , bls rg out. in cuba, the dout gathered. inhe u.s. - [ chrs ]

>> reporter: -- the faithful poured into the seets o denvernd filledhe pews in miami.

>> i think the fact that t nclave chose a man who has such a reputation of being bh very bright a alsoery sple and auste sends a message to the who world.

>>eporter: though the pope has been sected t dra isn't er. manyn this region are ndering whenillhe pe return to latin america and more specifically argenti t what is sure to