Nightly News   |  March 14, 2013

Disabled find outlet to create artwork worth thousands

An organization called Creative Growth is giving developmentally disabled artists the chance to express themselves in a world where that isn’t always easy. NBC’s Kristen Dahlgren reports.

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>>> finally tonight for peoe th disabilitieof allinds beg able to express yourlf, at least inonventnal ways, can be tough. thanks to the efforts of a caring cmuty we ve nice story tonight about some adults who are dling with developmental and physal challenges who are finding new and beauful ways to ierac with the world. together they are all making a differen. their ory tonig fromnbc's kristedahlgren.

>> rorr: dan mler cates th typef art you cou stare at for hos. layers o words i mesrizing tterns. his pieces sell for thousands an are in the collections of e world's great museumike new york's meum ofoder ar bu mler doe't talk about his art. he can't. the 52ear-old is severely autiic. kara milr is dan 's sist.

>> you a i are abl to expss ourselves. for someone wh autism, especially at the level he has, that's not an option f him. here he can do that.

>> reporter: he is oakland's creave growth, a nonprofit art ceer forhe disable -- a fr programoreopleith all levels ofalent given a chanc to express theelvein a world whe that isn always easy.

>> ty are outside of socty so ifou bring them int a ntext d say,ell me your life, tell me your story and ey do it through art it' amazing what ope up.

>> hese are my painngs.

>> eporte wli scott's works are als itop seums.

>> i taught mysf how to paint. i taught myself. he has a beautiful ul. he wants to chae the worl

>> reporr: imany ways his ar has changed his realit a m wit autismo, dtors said, had little chanc to ever make a living. how much would ts sell r?

>> this would be pbably a $4,000 painng. reporte artists her are offered half the sale price. the back goesack into the bruss, fric and paint they use. butanyike dan and kara miller choose to have all proceeds go to creative grth.

>> this is agoend. islace is, i ink, very important to him and his happess. m jt so happy that 's here.

>> i think wt would i be like for m if h didn't ce to creative growth? he would b probably somhere watchi tv or sitting in a room himself. what a lost life ta would be. what a missed opportunit

reporter: ot just for dan miller , butor a of us. kristen dahlgren,bc ns, oakland.