Nightly News   |  March 14, 2013

Families struggling for work-life balance

A new study from the Pew Research Center released Thursday found 37 of mothers say they want to work fulltime, due in large part to the recession and financial insecurity. In addition, workplace priorities are different for men and women, with women valuing flexibility and men valuing salary.  NBC’s Rehema Ellis reports.

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>>> weentioned this right beforehe break. a b newurve on parenthood is out tonight. it's painting a picture of econom stss moms and ds who feel there is simplyotnoug time in the day to juggle all various responsibilities. our rert othis tight fm nbc's rehema ellis.

>> reporter: striking a bance tween work and famil i a wo in progrs for jul lastro.

>> i have actlly go and pickp my kids.

>> rorter: juggling her fullime job, the motheof two sometime wishes she couldpend more time at home with her young children.

>> how w school?

>> reporter: julie saysor her and her huand david, finaially it's just not doable in washington, d.

>> the cost of living evewhere seems to be gog up people's salaries are not necessarily cncidg with tt rise. so it's driving more peoplento the workforce.

>> reporr: theamilis pt of a growing trend. a newugh researc pol fou pid chaes in the last few years. 07, 21%f workingotrs wanted toork full time . w 's jumpe to 37%. researer s dn large part to the recession and finaial insecurity.

>> womenho wer the most likely to sathey wante to work full time were some of the most economicall vulnerle.

>> rorter: theurve found workple priories are differt for mennd women. n valued a hig payin job while flexibl schule ranked hier for women. but findinghat flexible hedu may be more ffult. as worke at one top corporion are lening.

>> here are a lot of gre peoplethe,reatideas.

>> repter: last month yahoo!'s ceo and n momma made helis.

>> in the a o blackberrys and laptops we suld be able to ha mor flexibily.

>> repter: lso striking from e sty,orng dads are findinghe workamily balan just a challenging as working moms. whe the mands o work and familyife often collide, the good news may be that morehan everhosetresses are shared. asraditional fily roles keep shifting. hema ellis, nbc news, new