Nightly News   |  March 14, 2013

Does breast cancer radiation raise risk of heart disease?

A new study suggests breast cancer radiation treatment can increase the risk of dying of heart disease before the age of 80, however, as NBC’s Dr. Nancy Snyderman says, radiation technology has evolved significantly since the study first began in 1958.

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>>> yomay have heard the headline from a new udy on breast canr mang the rnds day. e ne from it was scary. radiation therapy to tre cancer may lead ton ineased ri in heart disease . but the fine print is crucial he. tonight,ur cef mical editor, dr. nancy snyderman has update, having looked at all the data.

>> good evening, brian women undergng breast cancer treatmt today need to know that the technology has evolved gnificantly nce th study started back in 19. doors say it's not just e doses of radiation that are different now, but more imrtant, how precise theare. radiation onlogists now have pinpoint accurate techniques that mimize or almost completely avoid the heart, reducing the chance for damage while still irradiating the breast tumor. we have come a lonway in breast canr radiion treatments andomen should be reassured. t toy's take home is that cancer patients ha to take ca of the rest of their health as well and pay atteion thr het health ding treatment. brian? nancy snyderman in our newsroom.