Nightly News   |  March 17, 2013

Social media’s role in Steubenville case

Legal analyst Lisa Green joins Lester Holt to discuss the role social media played in the Steubenville rape case.

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>> we're joined by legal analyst lisa green. she's followed this case very closely. lisa, i have to ask you. social networking didn't make this happen. but to what extent did it allow this case to come to court?

>> it is really a double-edged sword. there's no question that the social media worsens the suffering of this victim to have the events of that night tweeted, posted, videotaped. on the other hand, it provided prosecutors with a warehouse of evidence and i really wonder had it not been for social media would we be sitting here tonight talking about convictions in this case.

>> once it enters the social media world it can go from one person to the next and ultimately others can be implicated this way. can they not.

>> yes. that's why we hear there will be a grand jury impaneled, and addition charges possibly broke. in the end -- a cautionary tale for teenagers and their parents, memorializing your every move, then sharing it with people on the web can be a tragic mistake for everyone involved.

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