Nightly News   |  March 17, 2013

A rare glimpse at the queen

A new documentary set to broadcast Sunday offers a rare behind the scenes glimpse of the monarch’s life. NBC’s Annabel Roberts reports.

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>>> folks in great britain were treated tonight to a view of their queen and insights they usually don't get. at the same time we've learned there a bit after divide over the queen's next great grandchild due this summer. kate said she would like a boy while prince william would like a girl. nbc's annabel roberts is on our royal watch for tonight in london .

>> reporter: the documentary "our queen" offers a rare look at behind the scenes of the queen's monarch life. she has a lighter side, she's a bit like you and me and of course the formal side.

>> you do feel that's a picture of the life of the monarch but at the same time she doesn't let new complete i had.

>> reporter: as for her bond girl cameo in the london 2012 opening ceremony, it is real veeld not even her grandchildren knew.

>> no one knew anything about the whole thing.

>> reporter: the filmmakers had remarkable access but as the queen never, ever gives interviews she remains a mystery and that will never change. today outside london it was the younger generation on st. patrick's day duty. kate middleton presented springs of shamrocks to members of the irish guard . now five months pregnant, kate was dressed in an appropriately green coat but the four-inch heels proved a problem getting stuck in a drain. luckry william was a shoerd to lean on. their public roles continue to grow as the queen gradually cuts back. last week most of had her engagements were canceled as she recuperated from a stomach bug that put her in the hospital but it is clear at 86 she leads a full and active life . annabel roberts, nbc news, london .